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Good Reader:
by Good.iWare

With thousands of downloads and typically a 4 to 5 star rating, Good Reader is consistently ranked by users as one of the highest rated apps in the entire app store. This software easily works with huge file sizes such as e-books and subway maps. Additionally, the program allows users to view video, audio, powerpoint, word and many other file types through a naturally intuitive folder structure interface. With the iPhone Explorer USB transfer interface, users can rapidly load and view almost any movie, .mp3, .pdf, .txt or other standard file just by using drag and drop.



How to use GoodReaderUSB with Good Reader:
Simply connect via USB and drag-and-drop files into the GoodReaderUSB window. It's just that easy.


Good Reader Features

  • 4-to-5-Star user rating in the App Store
  • View huge PDF, text files and more straight on your iPhone.
  • Play music and video files.
  • View standard Word, Excel and PowerPoint, HTML, iWork and Safari webarchives
  • View .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, and many image types.



GoodReader ScreenShot

GoodReaderUSB Icon GoodReaderUSB
for Mac

100% Free by myPodApps & Good.iWare
A companion app to work with GoodReader

GoodReaderUSB Screenshot


Version 1.0.1

GoodReaderUSB Icon GoodReaderUSB
for PC

100% Free by myPodApps & Good.iWare
A special companion app to work with GoodReader





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